Short-Term Residential Programs

ACT Weekend Program

A Friday to Sunday weekend program featuring community service with camping and environmental education.

Short Term ACT Camp  (days to a few weeks)

Various programs customized to meet the needs identified by local Juvenile Probation officials with an alternative to detention function.  On site IU supported alternative school operated by affiliate company.

ACT Camp "Staff Secure" Residential (1 to 3 months)

  • On-site school in conjunction with the Carbon Co. IU; operated by affiliate company;

  • Adventure challenge alternative therapy;

  • Educational based counseling;

  • Vocational training in concert with a local public "votech." high school;

  • Cooperative vocational projects with an affiliated for-profit company which include

    • Baker Trainee
    • Short Order Cook and "Safe Serve" food prep.
    • Landscaping training
    • Child care and day care apprenticeship
    • Yoga & physical fitness instructor trainee

  • Restitution and community service projects with $1.5 million of restitution paid in 15 years as well as over $3 million in direct expenses for historic preservation of publicly owned buildings.  All programs are setup for outcome reporting and documentation.