Long Term Vocational
Life Skills Programs (over 3 months)

Job Corps "Cooperative Co-Enrollment Program"
at Keystone Job Corps Center

The only Job Corps Program in the country that has an on campus program for adjudicated youth who live in a high supervision program in a separate dorm within the Keystone Center. After 10 years of outcomes, these youth have above average outcomes within this highly outcome-based job training program.

Life Skills Programs

Youth with high restitution individual service plans, or with other factors requiring a residential stay over 3 months, participate to more advanced levels in the various vocational training programs outlined under the category of Short-Term programs.  YSA operates both male and female programs for staff secure care (ACT program for boys at Jim Thorpe & ACT Program for girls at Wind Gap). For longer term residential care, YSA also operates male and female Life Skills community-based programs wherein youth are linked to jobs in the community and may also  finish their educational goals.

Life Sills Residential Community-Based sites:

Penndel  Life Skills- males, 15 beds, Bucks Co, PA;

Hazleton Life Skills- females, 23 beds with on-site infant and day care center serving the public, located in Hazleton  PA with on-site alternative school;        

Langhorne Life Skills-  6 beds honors house for girls receiving Yoga Instructor & Physical Fitness Instructor apprenticeships or other extended vocational training.YSA is an affiliate of another non-profit, Youth Services Agency (YSA) that specializes in educational programs, including:

  • 9 regional alternative schools in NE and SE PA, and educational based behavioral health programs that provide support service to special ed. students with special needs, such as classroom supervision for disruptive students

  • Drop-out Prevention Programs, including alternative suspension programs in PA and MD, and Job Ready vocational training