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ACT Weekend

The ACT Weekend Program is an alternative to more costly out-of-home placement. This Friday through Sunday program provides youth with a graduated intervention for disruptive actions and behaviors in their community. Youth can remain at home and in school during the week while receiving psycho-educational groups, completing community service, and participating in adventure- based activities on the weekends.

This program offers youth an opportunity to develop social competencies, improve positive identity, gain insight into past behavior, and identify their strengths, which will form the basis for future change and growth. The program includes core-skills based psycho-educational groups/assignments, community service activities, and adventure based activities. Please click here for a schedule of upcoming weekends.


Psycho-educational Groups

The ACT weekend program offers an open ended, 13 week Core skills based psychoeducational group curriculum  addressing anger management, drug and alcohol education, bullying, victim awareness, decision making, personal responsibility ,and criminal and addictive thinking are offered on a rotating basis. Covered topics are reinforced with “homework” assignments/journaling.



We use adventure because it works. Through team building activities and safe opportunities to climb, backpack, hike, and Kayak students and Youth Mentors break through boundaries, build self- awareness, and learn that they can do hard things. These opportunities to experience success promotes healthy identity development, improved-self confidence, and enduring change. Students then transfer this new found belief in their own potential for success back into their lives. Our adventure components occur with in a context of supportive relationships with field mentors, peers, and clinicians.

At YSA, creating a safe environment for our students is our number one priority. We maintain the highest standards of safety. Our Youth Mentors maintain an engaged approach allowing students to be continuously observed.



Community service is a primary component of many of our intervention. Our community service program places an emphasis on civic engagement and service learning. Service is performed as a means of aiding in the rehabilitation process or by way of compensation to the victim. Undertaking community service provides our youth with an understanding of the issues within the community, increases empathy, instills moral responsibility to help those in need, and helps them gain a better understanding of how to make constructive changes while forming meaningful relationships with others. We strive to restore victims through restitution, and restore the community through the preservation of public buildings and parks.

For more information about the ACT Weekend program, please contact Sierra Titus, Program Supervisor, at 484-239-8789.  For a packing list of what to bring for an ACT weekend please click here.

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