Youth Services Agency, (YSA)

GED: Facing Success

A high school General Equivalency Diploma (GED) represents a milestone for any graduate, but at YSA’s ACT program, it represents something much larger. When faced with success in their abilities, students begin to believe in themselves again. Many ACT students have had a history of academic struggle that have undoubtedly contributed to other behavioral / emotional struggles often leading them to giving up in many areas of their lives. Adventure Learning Center (ALC) Director of Education, Lisa Jenkins, remarks  “The Educational Team of the ALC is committed to making the most out of the time we have with our students. Many of our students come to us several grade levels behind both in credits towards graduation and in base learning skills.”

The program offers credit recovery, one to one, and small group instruction in all the core content areas.  Many students get back on track with credits and skills and on a path towards earning their high school diplomas. However, for those youth that are older and have a high likelihood of never earning their diploma, the ALC offers a unique GED track. First, GED candidates are pre-tested in each of the GED subject areas: Science, Math, English, and Social Studies. Next, PA subject certified teacher review the results and designs a plan to help them fill in areas that are of the greatest need.

Only after each teacher and student believe that they are ready for the actual GED exam, the student is retested. Based on these results,the student sits for the content area exams he is proficient in and continues to work with in the areas of need. Using this approach we ensure success and reduce the chances of the student being overwhelmed . “Our pedagogy is that each and every student can learn and advance when given the right opportunities. Our goal as educators is to find and provide hose opportunities.  As our students population changes we are dedicated to meeting their needs by adapting our program accordingly.”